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Daily 5 PM - 2 AM
(251) 441-7741
Located directly across from the historic Saenger Theatre. Our Tavern was originally built in 1853. This was the house of Nicola Marschall (1829 1917), a German-American artist who supported the Confederate cause during the American Civil War. He designed the original Confederate flag, the Stars and Bars, as well as the official grey uniform of the Confederate army.
New Year's Eve is quickly approaching and here at Alchemy we are throwing one of the biggest parties in Mobile. Upstairs we have Underhill Family Orchestra kicking things off followed by a very anticipated reunion show from Mob Towne Revival! Downstairs we will have live music from Les Hall and Cary Laine. Entertainment wise there is no where else you will be able to see this level of music. There will be a 5$ cover charge which goes to the musicians so not only will you be able to enjoy a full night of great musicians but the fruits of your labor will be going to support Original music! So get ready to have your ear's caressed and your bellies imbibed on a night that you won't soon forget
Alchemy New Year's